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Flexible Staffing Service for Information Systems Engineers and Consultants


Online Knowledge-Sharing Forum for IT Administrators | SYSZO
Online IT Q&A Support Service for SMBs | KIKZO


Cyber-Security Consulting Service Specializing in PCI DSS | fjconsulting, INC.

Why Unite and Grow?


Staying connected is the key to our success. We are a close-knit community of uniquely skilled engineers who enjoy helping one another. At UG, we work, study and play together through study groups, sports teams, cultural clubs and other activities all organized by our members.


As each individual grows, so does the whole team. Growth doesn’t happen without motivation. That’s why at Unite and Grow, we do everything we can to support each member to challenge and better themselves in order to achieve their own unique personal goals.

Dedicated to Small and Medium Businesses

Helping out the little guy is what we do best. We understand the IT needs of small and mid-sized companies and we are fully committed to supporting their growth.

Innovating the Way of Working

At Unite and Grow, our staff are their own managers. They have the freedom to find new clients, do sales visits, make negotiations and build their own working schedules according to their lifestyles.

Our Core Competence :
Shared Engineering

Within Unite and Grow, we have built a unique community where information is shared amongst our team quickly and effectively. Even though our team are spread out over different workplaces, they are never alone, as there are always others willing to help by giving advice and sharing their knowledge.

Every day, our diverse staff work in different environments and face many challenges. Our strength lies in our ability to share our knowledge and expertise to help each other meet these demands. As such, we value not only experience and knowledge, but also diversity of background. By staying interconnected and appreciating our different ideas and values, we can work together as a community that is far greater than the sum of the individuals.

Shared Engineering is not just about giving clients time and services. Through our combined knowledge, skills and experience, we can take on new challenges and meet our clients’ needs in ways that are not possible for a single individual or company.


IT Engineers and Consultants


Average Age of Our Staff


ISMS Certified


Clients with Fewer Than 300 Employees

President & CEO:
Kiichiro Suda

Kiichiro Suda

Born in 1966, Kiichiro Suda turned his interest and knowledge of marketing and business into his own company, Q&A Corporation in 1997. Acting as CEO/COO until 2004, he put in place the foundation for that company to grow into one of Japan’s leading technical support companies (reaching 10 billion yen in revenue in 2010). In 2005, he founded Unite and Grow Inc. with the goal of becoming the market leader in the field of IT administration and consulting for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, through Unite and Grow, he is continuing to pioneer new innovations in the style of working for IT companies in Japan.

2005.02Founded in Shibuya Ward of Tokyo with a capital of 10mil yen
2005.05Increased capital to 99.5mil yen
2005.07Moved head office to Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo
2005.08Core client membership service begins
2006.01Increased overall gross capital to 344.5mil yen
2006.12Increased overall gross capital to 434.5mil yen
2007.03Syszo launched (knowledge sharing forum for IT administrators)
2007.09Became ISMS ISO27001 certified
2011.07New office in Osaka launched
2011.09Corporate HQ relocated to Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo
2013.04Osaka office relocated
2013.12Reduced gross capital to 100mil yen
2014.01Company name changed to “Unite and Grow Inc.”
2015.09New version of Syszo released
2015.11Acquired fjconsulting Inc.
2016.08Corporate HQ relocated to Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo
2017.08Kikzo launched (online IT Q&A service for SMBs)
2019.12Became a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index
2022.04Became listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market Index

Unite and Grow is an IT administration "insourcing" company for small and medium-sized businesses in Japan.
We offer flexible IT solutions mainly to organizations with between 50-1000 employees.

Company NameUnite and Grow Inc.
Main OfficeShin-Ochanomizu Bldg.3F
4-3 Kanda-Surugadai Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062, Japan
Date Founded23 February 2005
Capital Fund346,377,900yen
Securities Code4486 (TSE Growth Market)
Business ConceptIT administration "insourcing" service for SMBs, and venture/growthcompanies
Services ProvidedTelephone IT Consulting, Onsite Troubleshooting
Regular Visits by Full-time Engineers, Periodical Visit Service
Remote Operations Monitoring Service
IT Consulting
IT Literacy Training, Management Seminars
On-line Q&A Community "Syszo" ( https://syszo.com )
Board MembersKiichiro Suda [ President & CEO ]
Mieko Oka [ Director ]
Yoichi Takai [ Director ]
Tomoyoshi Saito [ Director ]
Akifumi Doi [ External Director ]
Stock holdersUnite and Grow Directors